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The Brooklyn Alliance of Neighborhood Gardens (BANG) Land Trust is a group of 5 like minded gardens working together to maintain their gardens as open spaces in perpetuity. Each garden is a gem within their neighborhood. Gardens include: 6/15 Green, Bears at Pacific Street, Greenspace at President Street, Pacific Heights Community Farm and Warren St Marks Community Garden. Donating to BANG helps fund each of these gardens!

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DIY is in our DNA: Garden-made Tomato Cages

Community gardens often have to get creative when it comes to making improvements or sourcing materials for their cash-strapped gardens.  That’s why the spirit of DIY is so strong in many urban & community gardeners you’ll come across!

Do it yourself

Do it yourself                                                                         (Mother Earth Magazine) 

Here’s some great ideas from Mother Earth magazine on building a better tomato cage.

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