1. Conserve Land — pursue the core business of the Land Trust and achieve it through targeted planning, programs and projects

2. Create a Community of Greenspaces — unite Members through communication, outreach, and events, share successful stewardship practices, and encourage broad community participation

3. Educate, Engage and Inform — provide and promote environmental education, cultural programing and recreational activities to Members and their Greenspace Communities

4. Engage Government, Institutions and Individuals — promote cooperation, collaboration, consultation and advocacy with relevant organizations and individuals

5. Build the Organization — create the structure and acquire the resources to carry out the Mission

6. Become a Facilitator of Land Conservation


Access to Land — We believe that neighborhood rejuvenation, environmental justice, food security, and civic participation are strengthened when community members have access to land held in trust for public use.

Sustainable Environments — We value eco-friendly, sustainable growing and living practices as essential to our role in the restoration and preservation of our urban ecosystem. We believe in the benefits of organic horticultural and agricultural methods. We encourage the appropriate use of passive technology and a reliance on renewable resources to nurture peaceful, harmonious, healthy and sustainable environments.

Community — We believe that when people work together to re-connect with the land, communities grow strong, hopeful, confident and healthy.

Governance — We value the autonomy of each Member Greenspace to create physical and social environments that best serve their communities. We encourage operating and self-governance structures and processes that are guided by transparency, honesty, diversity, mutual respect, openness, on-going evaluation, celebration, and a commitment to Member participation.

Education — We value learning through gardening and community participation, a process rooted in observation, reflection, and action, that deepens our understanding of the communities in which we live, work and play.

Collaboration — We value local knowledge, experience, and community dialogue. We believe that through open collaboration we will overcome barriers to sharing power and resources among community members and partner organizations to nurture healthy, powerful communities.

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  1. I’m doing some research about the community gardening movement in NYC and wondering when BANG Land Trust started?

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