The Gardens are Open!

So we have some people to thank for their commitment and hard work to keep our BANG gardens open.  We took a Saturday (September 28) to give thanks and praises.

Come on in!
Come on in!

We could not have not become the Brooklyn Alliance of Neighborhood Gardens Land Trust without the help of our local politicos, TPL, and lawyers to support and guide us through the arduous road of conveyance.

Founding members of the Prospect Heights Community Farm
Founding members of the Prospect Heights Community Farm

Along with the vision of garden members, founders, seasoned, and new timers, we made our land trust dreams come true.

Thanks to Councilman Levin and Councilwoman James (who could not be with us)
Thanks to Councilman Levin for your advocacy

As part of our day of Thank You, board members and honorees take a tour of all five BANG gardens. Each with their distinctive culture and mission, like Warren St. Marks with their chicken commitment.

A certain slant of light at Warren St. Marks
Sara and Mary are new members to WSM

We end our tour and head back to the Pacific Street Bear’s Garden for a potluck feast and Thank You commemoration.

It really does take a Brooklyn Village to keep community gardens open!

Our Brooklyn Village
Our Brooklyn Village

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