We’re Getting Wild in the Gardens

Yes, you heard right!  We’re certifying our BANG gardens as wildlife habitats.

Shelter? Yes!
Shelter? Yes!

The Bear’s garden along with Greenspace @President is leading the effort to certify our BANG gardens as a community wildlife habitat in an urban space.

By providing the following resources to our critter compatriots, we are doing our part to support our valuable wildlife:

  • Provide shelter
  • Provide a food source
  • Provide a water source
Food source? Yes!
Food source? Yes!

Mostly by default of creating viable green spaces for neighbors and community members, BANG gardens already provide these resources to both our resident and visiting wildlife.

Water source? Yes!
Water source? Yes!

Certifying our gardens as wildlife habitats will further prove how multi-faceted our urban gardens are, attesting to their vitality and versatility.  They are green spaces for all creatures.

Finding out more about certifying wildlife habitats at


Interested in joining the BANG effort in certifying our gardens?  Contact:


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