DIY is in our DNA: Garden-made Tomato Cages

Community gardens often have to get creative when it comes to making improvements or sourcing materials for their cash-strapped gardens.  That’s why the spirit of DIY is so strong in many urban & community gardeners you’ll come across!

Do it yourself
Do it yourself                                                                         (Mother Earth Magazine) 

Here’s some great ideas from Mother Earth magazine on building a better tomato cage.

Whether it’s PVC pipes, wire mesh, or wood planks (I’ve even seen some made with old crutches!) just make it yourself.

Keeping control
Keeping control                                                                                      (Mother Earth Magazine)

After countless seasons of buying those standard three-ring cages made from some flimsy material, licorice might be stronger (!), the argument for making your own is duly noted.

A perfect scene
A perfect scene                                                                                       (Mother Earth Magazine)

With some calculations, you could save up to $4 per cage if you make them yourself with wire mesh.

More info and step by step low down at Mother Earth magazine:



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